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by Design A Notion

If you want to save money each year on our incredible Design A Notion TREND resources, when you should consider subscribing to receive our monthly publications!

We release a new TREND publication each month giving you inspiration, creative ideas and so much more within the trend style for that month. 

As a special deal, we are offering a years subscription to TREND for £200, at a great saving of £40 per year. 

Each edition takes a look at a different aspect of creative expression. We are curating topical trend packages aiming to inspire you in creating your commercial portfolio ready artwork. Whether it be wall art, gift bags, stationery o greeting cards, there is something in here to influence your next step.

    Each TREND publication is a digital product. By subscribing today, you will receive an access link to our full catalogue of resources. We add to this catalogue each month, allowing you to automatically gain access to the resource - no delay, no delivery times. Get straight into generating creative, topical, commercial artwork today.

    Experience a new style of design each month to bring some mojo into your art.

    If you would like some more information about the magazine, or if you have any questions about our service, then please head over to our contact form and get in touch. We are more than happy to answer any question that you might have.


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