Mailing List


We have a passion for what we do: creating curated packages of different trend ideas for artists to use for inspiration and theory to apply. We are regularly creating content to share with those who need this content, and to make sure that we are getting this content in front of the people who need it the most, we have created our mailing list. 

We know that many people are now dubious about giving their email address away because of spam. This page is our guarantee that our mailing list of 100% spam free! We will only contact you to:

a) Let you know when our latest copy of TREND is released

b) To give you special offers and discount codes on the content that you want

c) Send you your pre-ordered edition of TREND if you have subscribed to automatically receive our content!

We will never send you irrelevant content, random promotional material, or content updates that we know you won't be interested in! This mailing list is entirely focused on helping you create your creative design business, and have an idea of different trend ideas. 


If you need some more information about our mailing list, then please email us below - we'd love to help you and give you all of the information that you need