Our Story

After many industry years researching and formulating forecasted commercially viable trends for various fashion companies as well as for our own design studio, we are bringing you our personal formula for portfolio success. Our knowledge and 25+ years experience is packaged into curated, coherent, manageable trend publications, linked to the buying calendar.

A huge influence in our decision to bring this keenly priced, conveniently sized resource to every artist, has been the explosive popularity of the internet. Now, at last, any artist anywhere in the world, with any experience, can instantly have, a resource tool that is a real game changer.

Designed to coincide with the buying calendar of multiple product areas, each TREND publication will supply you with an insightful and topical mood board to get your creative juices flowing. There is a comprehensive colour palette, (enabling you to step outside your colour comfort zone), a colour theory review to help you improve your artistic eye, narration of the trend, (why it is important), and finally an extensive variety of design briefs, all of which enable you to construct portfolio ready artwork collections.

We want to benefit artists of all ages and genders, regardless of where they are in the world, and despite their income. This is why we have priced our publication at such an affordable price - we want it to be accessible to everyone!

Having written over 1000+ design briefs for artists all over the world, we are bringing our comprehensive knowledge to you! Creating a number of briefs which will generate a variety of artwork enabling you to approach clients from multiple product areas, including:

*Home Decor *Wall Art *Bedding
*Gift Bags *Wrapping Paper *Stationery
*Greeting Cards *Bolt Fabrics *and more!

We are here to provide design inspiration to a community of artists who value their time. Let us do the “leg work” for you, so that you can utilise your time to create treasured, well considered, beautiful pieces of artwork that you are proud to show any client. 

If you like what you read, and you’d like to check out our array of trends, released on a monthly schedule, then click here to see the full trend publications.

If you're unsure of what to do next, you're not too sure which trend is appropriate for you, or you just need some advice, we are always available to discuss your needs. Simply head on over to our Contact page and tell us how we can help!